December 15, 2017
It seems only fitting that the first song I wrote on the beautiful Lowden guitar I was gifted by my Irish cousins would pay homage to our working class ancestors around Belfast. I imagine the Christmas holiday was a bit more dark in their day, struggling to get by. And around the winter solstice, the length of day barely 8 hours! Here's to them, and to you, "A Dram to the Holidays".

Note: If you get no sound, look for the little speaker icon in the lower right and make sure it's turned on. And no, I haven't started playing left-handed. 


Fran Wallace February 19, 2018 @12:05 am

Happy New Year Andrew and family! I have thought of you often, weaving your way across our big beautiful land! You all are in my prayers that good things come your way. That those roads you travel are safe ones. That your voice and strumming fingers stay as fine tuned as those beautiful guitars at your show at the lib! I really likes the Holiday song! I have been to Antietam and walked the battle field. It was one of, or the bloodiest battles. I have walked across Burnside Bridge too! Harpers Ferry is a favorite, not because of the violence of the time, but the beauty one sees at “look out rock!” Well, may I say it was wonderful hearing from you (me and the long list of others) I wish you well! Memories of Borders will live on forever! Peace and hugs to you and yours! Fran Wallace

David Ray January 04, 2018 @03:37 pm


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